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Where will we go next?

Welcome to ASF bloggers, where we travel and live everyday like it's golden. Book your ticket, pack your bags, grab a camera & laptop and hit road. Let's see the world and write amazing stories!

About us

"Living life like it’s golden" We're mother and daughter travel buddies and we're living everyday like it's golden. Life is a gift from God, it's priceless, and it’s precious so we plan to live it to the fullest.

The words of the track 'Golden' by Jill Scott' has been the inspiration behind our slogan. We have the freedom to explore the seven wonderful continents of this earth and we're taking our freedom and doing just that.

Follow us on our travels and experience the world through our site. Read about the amazing places we’ve visited, accommodations we’ve stayed in and the laughs (or not) we’ve had.

Our aim in 2018 is to cover three continents in one year. From Africa to Asia and Australasia, all of which we'd love to share with you. So, keep checking back to see where we are.

Where we’ve been

  • 5Continents visited
  • 32Countries visited
  • 43k +Miles travelled
  • ??Days traveling
  • 16Stories written...so far