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Paradise Island & Seven Isles – Aboard the Tui Discovery

Board: All Inclusive – Date: December 2016

  • Barbados
  • Antigua
  • St. Maarten
  • British Virgin Island
  • St. Kitts
  • St. Vincent
  • Barbados

Board: All Inclusive – Date: Dec 2017

The information on this page focuses on the ship. Details of the destination above
are outline on their individual pages. Information on our excursion can be read on the individual countries blog page. Click on the country links above and read about our experience.

The Journey

The journey from Gatwick was much the same as that taken for our Tropical Delight trip.  We arrived at the airport, queued for our cabin tickets, said bye to our suitcases and headed off to breakfast.  Another premium flight and the luxury of unlimited food and drink.

Ship Experience

We’ve experienced this ship in two different cabins. The first being an inside cabin – as we were travelling as a group of six. The second was with my Nana in tow, when we opted to stayed in the Grand Suite with balcony.

December 2016  – This was the first season for the Tui Discovery, the newest addition to the company’s fleet. It was also our first time on board the Discovery.

The ship was shiny and clean with all the mod-cons such as interactive information boards.  The boards provided access to restaurant menus or info on planned activities from anywhere in the ship. This was a group booking with friends and family, so we were glad the Discovery had a feeling of grander, more so than the Majesty or Celebration ships.

The inside cabin was again small with the foot in shower and elbow in sink whilst on the loo scenario, but in comparison to the Celebration, it was a fraction bigger.

Our stay in 2017 – however, was in the Grand Suite, mainly chosen due to my Nana having reduced mobility and needing a walker. We knew the walker wouldn’t fit in a standard room and therefore decided to splash out.

This room was of a good size, but in comparison to the suite on the Tui Dream, it was slightly smaller and cost slightly more.

With three of us sharing the room, it meant that the living area/ sofa was used as a sleeping area that hosted a double bed.  It was a bit of a shame that bed wasn’t stored away each day as this made the room feel smaller still.

There was a lovely walk-in wardrobe area and table that we used as our hallway to park nans walker. The bathroom was large with Jack and Jill sinks and a shower over bath.

The balcony was probably the place I spent the most for the week. A large balcony with 2 sun loungers, 2 armchairs and a table it was perfect for relaxation. Sometimes trying to find a place to sit on the main decks can be difficult but having your own spot available at anytime was precious.

Again, we had a very attentive housekeeper and daily newsletter – The Cruise News – were posted through the door each night. As explained in our blog on the Tui Celebrity, our nightly reading ritual continued.

If I return to the Discovery it will again be in a suite.

The most gorgeous part of the Tui Discovery, however, had to be the atrium. On both occasions we travelled during the month of December and from the Christmas decorations, to the million-foot perfected embellished tree, the gingerbread houses and the fake snow. This area is just stunning and was easily enjoyed with the live music each evening.


The Discovery has an All-Inclusive package as standard. It had so much variety your be like a child in a candy store. The Snack Shack, a grab and go bar on the pool deck was a nice addition and lunches were mainly sort from here.

By the indoor pool, however,  is a lovely but hidden salad bar that became our thing by the end. It’s tucked away and many people don’t know about it so there’s never a queue and salads are made to order. Fresh and tasty.

There are several restaurants to try, so try them all.

There’s no captain’s dinner on the discovery which is a shame, but there is a farewell meal which is nice.

Things to do/Entertainment

They have a rock-climbing wall and mini golf – WHHHHAAAATTTT? I had way too much fun on this ship. From failing to scale the wall (Be nice, I have no upper limb strength) to going onto the ships bridge, where it’s commanded from. I was fascinated.

They also have a spa, gym, running track and an outdoor cinema screen where you get warm blankets, popcorn and hot chocolate. (It gets very cold at sea in the evenings, be prepared with adequate clothing).