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Cruise ship: TUI Celebration and twice on the discovery.

Port: Bridgetown

Pushed up out of the sea by volcanic activities Barbados is one of the beautiful coral islands. White sands, turquoise waters Barbados is a popular Caribbean holiday destination.

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados with a population of over 100,000. It’s the largest and most lively city in Barbados.

Cruise and explore

We’ve been to Barbados on three separate occasions, but never actually stayed in a hotel. We enjoy travelling and seeing various places so learnt quickly that being able to explore a lot in a very short space of time is financially savvy and culturally rewarding.

Cruising therefore became the way we fed our travelling bug.

On our final visit to Barbados we brought along my lovely, but sometimes grouchy 80+ year old grandmother. If you want to speak to ABSOLUTELY everyone, then take this lady with you, people just gravitate to her. Mum and I are pretty anti-social travellers, so it’s always a strange experience when Nana’s with us.

Barbados, is an awesome place with lush greenery and the locals are very friendly. The accent’s are so strong and they speak at brake neck speed, but, the ‘I didn’t quite catch that’ look on your face usually help when you ask them to “say that again..”

Harrisons Cave – is a natural wonder and one of the islands most famous attractions. Climbing aboard trams you’re taken deep down into the caves and see the beauties of nature.  At various point the driver would active the lights in the cave to display the wonders of how nature slowly recreates itself.  A visit to Harrrisons Cave is a big must for all visitors to Barbados.

Bridgetown submarine – Not for the light-hearted, but if you want to find Nemo and just keep swimming with Dory this is the experience for you.

Your adventure begins when you board the catamaran and sail out to the submarine site. There was approximately space for 30 passengers aboard the submarine.  As you sink to the sea bed you don’t even feel the change in pressure. The on-board team were comical and kept us entertained whilst explaining all our minds could take in during the 20min dive.

Mum’s was experiencing a somewhat continuous nervous laugh to begin with. But as she knows I will always challenge her to step out of her comfort zone and to do things that gets her out of her shell and from behind a computer.  She really enjoyed it, as did I, by the end.  If you don’t like confined spaces, boats and/or water, this one is not a for you.

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