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Santa Marta – Colombia

Cruise ship: Tui Dream

Port: Santa Marta

Colombia, located northwest of South America, bordering Brazil, Panama and Venezuela. Santa Marta is Colombia’s oldest town created by the Spanish in 1525. This town is a colourful and vibrant place with its reggae bars and Latino spirit.

Our visit to Santa Marta Colombia was part of the Pride of Panama cruise. Sailing from Cartagena into Santa Marta Colombia’s oldest city.


Just like Cartagena, Santa Marta was just as hot and as dry. However, we were prepared with our hats, sun shades and water bottle. With beautiful blue sky, and the sun on our shoulders, we headed out for a sun, fun day

Places of interest/activities

Today it was just me and my travel buddie daughter. As this tour had more hopping on and off the coach and exploring the city on foot, we felt it was best leaving Mum (nan) with an ice cold juice by the pool, living the dream, onboard the Dream.

Boarding our air-conditioned coach, we travelled through the streets of Santa Marta taking in the lovely vibrant scenery.

Catedral de Santa Marta – Our first stop was to visit ‘Catedral de Santa Marta’ the Cathedral of Santa Marta. This immaculate white renaissance style stoned building built in the 17th century and renovated throughout the years.

A proud landmark of Santa Marta, the Cathedral is defiantly worth the time to stop, step into the history and appreciate its architecture. The building remains an important architectural jewel in South America.

Museo del Oro Tairona and Casa de la Aduana – next stop the museum and custom house the city’s oldest building. Our guide carefully explained that history and importance of the custom house (on the first floor of the building) and the museum (located on the ground floor), which has a wide display on ancient Tayrona culture and its modern-day descendants – the Kogis, Arhuacos and Arsarios.

Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino – the Colombian Liberators and Iguanas! If you have an interest in the history of the liberation of Latin America, then this is the place for you. You’ll hear all about Simon Bolivar the liberator, who spent his last day of his life here.

Outside of the building It’s very peaceful, lust green surroundings. But don’t let the greenery fool you as the place a swarming Iguanas!! Yeah, my sudden shriek soon put stop to the peacefulness. The green and multi coloured critters where everywhere, no one warns you about them before the tour. With me on lookout to ensure they didn’t get close to me, my daughter calmly took pictures that she later shared with me when I was in an environment that I could control… back on the ship!

All in all, a very lovely relaxing tour of Santa Marta. 🙂

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