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Airline: Emirates

Hotel: HIlton Dubai Creek

“Doo-Bye” as said by you and I or “Du Bay” as referred to by the locals, is the largest island in the United Arab Emirates. Du Bay meaning ‘The Bay’ is the most popular tourist destination of the seven emirates (1.Abu Dhabi (Capital), 2.Dubai, 3.Sharjah, 4.Ajman, 5.Umm Al Quian, 6.Ras Al Khaimah, and 7.Fujairah).

Dubai is a place of luxury and extravagance with awesome skyscrapers looking down over the Arabian desert, palm shaped beaches and the Persian Gulf.

As we had been to Dubai we only booked a short stopover on this occasion. Our pages on RAK and Abu Dhabi will give you an in sight of what we did in Dubai. This page focuses on information about the Hilton Dubai Creek hotel.

The hotel was simple and clearly minimalist for business users. It did not have anything you would expect from a 5* hotel and I was very happy that it we would only be staying for 2-night. I mean how can you not even have hooks to hang things up in the bathroom.

It was right on Dubai creek, a lovely spot to go for a stroll. But besides the creek, the tiny rooftop pool and it being located so close to the airport, I wouldn’t really want to stay here again. There’s just not anything to do onsite. Also, when you see the rooftop pool in pictures it looks amazing with infinity style views – don’t be fooled this is not actually the case.

We stayed at the hotel on a half board basis, but the restaurant was tiny and the food mediocre. We didn’t finish one meal.

Our stay was part of a package holiday travelling to Singapore and Malaysia, so I cannot say how much I specifically paid for this part of the journey, but I hope it wasn’t much. Overall verdict – disappointing for a Hilton hotel.

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